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Encourage the Shisaa

Now...what is up with this Encourage the Shisaa thing? Are you that broke?

Well, no. And to add up to this I think that knowledge should be free, free to create, free to absorb, free to share.

However, creating new content requires research and time, which I gladly invest during my free hours. So if you like my blabberings, if what you read has helped you to improve yourself, if you gained knowledge from them (for personal or commercial use) or if they simply gave you a good laugh, why not encourage to invest more time into creating more and better content.

Encourage through Flattr

What I mentioned above is the Flattr principle. Encouraging a (content) creator to create more and better stuff. So at any time, feel free to Flattr me.

Encourage through Paypal

"But...I do not have a Flattr account...", you say.

A few people have already contacted me that they want to chip in, but do not have a Flattr account and/or do not agree with Flattr keeping 10% of the funding. They have, on the other hand, a Paypal account they wish to use.

Paypal has various ways of receiving money, one of them being a so called "Donate" button. However, I feel such a button or such a term is not fit for So if you wish to send an encouragement through Paypal you are free to use my Paypal account:

Encourage through Amazon

I am not your average avid bookworm but when it comes to the world of computer programming a good book beats all other media. Whether it be for learning something new or for giving you a quick mental health check up if you feel lost on a rather detailed topic.

So if non of the above methods are to your liking, check out my Amazon Wish List to get a feeling of books that I fancy.

And as always...thanks for checking out the Encourage the Shisaa page!