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< Back to home can build any type of coorporate or personal homepage you desire, from a one page site to a homepage containing over a hundred pages. Every homepage is unique and treats it as such. You will never get a run-of-the-mill treatment as our customer and every creation process will be a personal one.

With almost a decate of professional expertise in Drupal (version 5, 6 and 7), will build your homepage as optimal as possible, with all the latest web standards in mind, good performance, SEO and analytics included, all while using open source tools.

To give you a better look at how helps you to create your homepage, please take a look at the following steps to from idea to finished project:

Step 1 Your idea

Before starts to design and build your homepage, it is important that you get a clear idea of what it is you wish to communicate. Some questions you have to ask yourself when thinking about your homepage are:

  • What market am I approaching (b2b, b2c, ...)?
  • Who is my target audience (young, old, male, female, ...)?
  • What is the purpose of my homepage (informational, educational, ...)?
  • What is the actual story I want to tell to people?
  • How do you want people to find your homepage (SEO, marketing, blogs, networking ...)?
  • How do you want people to come back to your homepage after their first visit (newsletter, blog, ...)?

Step 2 Setup the site structure

After you have a sharp idea of what you want to tell and to who, it is time to put that into a site structure. When talking about strcture, you have to think about things such as which menu items do you wish to have and how many pages you think you need.

Most homepages consist out of a landing or index page which tells the main story and invites people to explore more. Besides the index page you usually have the following extra pages:

  • An about page, which tells your visitors who you are
  • A contact page, which allows your visitors to contact you via email or phone
  • Pages that tell your story in more detail

In both the previous and this step, will give you guidance into getting your idea and structure fixed.

Step 3 Designing your homepage

After the idea and structure are laid down, it is time to make it look beautiful. Together with your input, will propose a design for your homepage, a graphical look & feel.

This design will encompass the landing page, basic page elements (forms, tables, lists, ...) and a basic design for additional pages.

A maximum of three alteration request can be made within the proposed design budget (see pricing table below).

We highly appreciate and encourage our customers input. If you have your own designer, or your own pictures, do not hesitate to present them during this step. Your designs, pictures and other elements will be carefully inspected and their usefullness for the web will be discussed with you.

Step 4 Building the site

After you have approved the design, it is time to actually deploy the Drupal CMS and start to put together the various modules and components that make up your custom homepage.

When the building process is finished, it will be presented to you on a development server, awaiting your approval.

Step 5 Server setup

The final step, once the build is approved, is to setup your own, actual production server which will be used to serve your homepage.

Done Now, have fun!

Once your site is fully operational, it is yours to explore and expand. You will have full access to the CMS backend and can make as many pages as you desire.

An important note is that each phase (consulting, design, development, server) will be billed separately.

What does it cost? offers you a very straightforward, modern pricing model that is designed with you, the customer, in mind. There are no extra charges for small requests, but if certain features fall beyond the scope of the homepage package will fully discuss it with you beforehand.

The following pricing table will give you an overview of the homepage package:

Step Time Price
Consulting ~ 1 week* 10.000円**
Helping you to create your sites concept and structure. Good concept and structure will greatly benefit the final product.
Design ~ 1 week* 20.000円**
Creation of the graphical layout that will be used on the homepage. This includes the landing page (index), general page elements and an additional page layout.
Drupal CMS setup ~ 1 week* 40.000円**
After the design is ready and approved, the Drupal CMS will be deployed and basic setup will be done according to your wishes.
Server deployment ~ 2 days* 10.000円**
When the Drupal CMS is approved, the production server will be setup and configured to run your homepage as optimal as possible.
* Times are rough estimates and vary depending on complexity and how fast your information reaches
** mentioned prices do not include VAT.

As mentioned before, a lot of features are possible within this budget, such as:

  • A basic search feature
  • A simple forum
  • A simple photogallery
  • A contact page with simple form(s) (email form, information request form, ...)
  • Full visitor analytics
  • Proper SEO setup

Knowing this, it is obvious to see that most desired homepages will fit within the mentioned budget. If is, however, possibe to have more advanced features on your homepage if you wish. A shortlist of advanced features and their estimated costs:

Feature Price
Newsletter integration ~ 5.000円*
Multilingual homepage ~ 5.000円*
Facebook and/or Twitter integration ~ 5.000円*
Advanced search features (full text) ~ 10.000円*
Advanced, multilevel photogalleries ~ 5.000円*
Specialized editorial workflow ~ 10.000円*
Advanced user management ~ 5.000円*
And much more ... ...
* mentioned prices do not include VAT.

Homepage content gives you your homepage free of content. The content of your site is very personal and entirely up to you. Since you have full control over the backend, you are fully capable of inputting all your desired text and images after the site has been put on your own server.

If needed, does offer inputting all your content for you, if delivered properly. This is a separate service and is priced according to the volume of content you wish to have input. Once the content is known, a separate price will be proposed.

Homepage hosting

After your homepage is up and running, offers a separate hosting and maintenance contract to run your site, keep the server and your Drupal CMS up-to-date and secure. Remember, does everything in house, even the full server management. This means the most optimal server installation for your Drupal CMS homepage. This contract will give you the following:

  • Dedicated hosting of your homepage
  • You do not share your server with other customers, you get your own virtual private server
  • Fully managed
  • Full backup
  • Security and feature updates of the core system (OS)
  • Security and feature updates of the server stack (Apache, NginX, uWSGI, Python, PHP, ...)
  • Monitoring and alerting of the most important processes via Munin
  • Security and features updates of the Drupal core system
  • Security and features updates of the Drupal contributions

This contract carries the following, competitive pricing:

Pay Per Month Pay Per 6 Months Pay Per 12 Months
6 Month duration 10.000円* 50.000円* (1 month free) -
12 Month duration 10.000円* 50.000円* (1 month free) 100.000円* (2 months free)
* mentioned prices do not include VAT.

All the servers that uses for its customers are located in Tokyo so you enjoy the best speeds and performance for your homepage. Note that all servers come with a minimal, monthly royal data transfer limit of 2 Tb (2000 Gb). If this limit is crossed, extra costs will be billed.